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An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla


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Chinchilla Book - An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla

Here's what you will discover in An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla:

  • Identify 10 different vocal sounds and their meaning...

  • Discover over 20 different colour mutations and see amazing colour photographs of each…

  • 6 basic necessities every chinchilla should have...

  • Why you should never house chinchillas outside…

  • Learn the secrets to train your chinchilla to do what you want...

  • Detailed - NEVER SEEN BEFORE birthing photographs…

  • WARNING...Why a chinchilla exercise wheel can have fatal consequences

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Customer Reviews on An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla

How Are So Many People Raising Happy and Healthy Chinchillas?

An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla is full of tips and ground breaking information and has taught many chinchilla owners the secrets to raising happy healthy chinchillas.

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An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla has been written by an experienced 'published' chinchilla author who has spent over 5 years collecting information on chinchilla care and behavior and combined it into an amazing book just for you.

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Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
Chinchilla Facts ...

Predators in the wild
include: snakes, birds of
prey, skunks, felines,
canines and ultimately
the pelt trade!

Since the 1920’s
chinchillas have been
placed on the endangered
species list due to the pelt
trade causing near

They are now protected
by the South American
Government and no longer
allowed to be hunted.

Book Reviews ...

An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla:

“Just want to say - I have
one of your books
(An Essential Guide to
Owning a Chinchilla) and
it’s been a 'God-Send'.

“Loved the photos, there
are so many colours we
don't have here.”

“The best chinchilla book I
have come across to date.”

“It is well put together, very
informative and provides
ample photographs.”

“The book goes beyond the
standard books out there to
give accounts from real
owners and veterinarians
about issues they have
come across and solutions
for which they have used
themselves (usually
discovered from trial and

“Everything is clear, concise
and written in a language
that anyone can follow.”

“The ultimate guide for
the new and experienced

“Excellent value for money.”

“I have read so much
conflicting advice on
various web sites and this
book is sensible and
obviously written by
someone experienced in
their care.”

“I would not hesitate
recommending this book
to others.”

“I found this book really
helpful and informative. It
is very comprehensive
and written in an easy,
jargon free style.”


“Best book on chinchillas.”

“All chinchilla owners
would find this book a
valuable resource on
virtually all the topics.”

“I would like to highly
recommend this book to
any chinchilla owners or
those that are considering
keeping these gorgeous
little animals as a pet.”

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