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Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease


Did You Know That Vitamins Do Not Work Without Minerals And 18ml Of Water (also a mineral) Is Excreted From A Chinchilla Daily? Have You Also Wondered Why Your Chinchilla Is Sick Or Not As Vibrant As Usual?

Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease is an outstanding booklet that has been compiled by published chinchilla author - Mirella Poli.

It's Outstanding...

As there is no other booklet currently on the chinchilla market that lists 20 different minerals essential to chinchilla life all in one publication.

It has taken all of the author's knowledge via years of experience, cross referencing medical and veterinary manuals, seeking expert advice and obtaining all the latest 'ground-breaking' information on minerals (and in connection to chinchillas) to come up with this unique booklet that is solely dedicated to chinchillas and essential minerals.

Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease.

Other books contain completely separate topics that digress the reader away from their initial interest. Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease is 'jam-packed' full of information completely focused on minerals with the chinchilla constantly in mind.

You Will Also...

  • Discover the essential facts about 20 different minerals a chinchilla needs regularly...

  • Explore the hidden benefits of a particular mineral...

  • Uncover a variety of sources that provide a particular mineral and are safe to offer a chinchilla …

  • Unlock the dreaded chinchilla diseases and ailments associated with a lack of each mineral ...

  • Learn about the toxicity levels for chinchillas and the early symptoms of side effects...

  • Understand a mineral's enemy thus rendering them 'ineffective' …

  • Discover why minerals are important to chinchillas ...
  • Uncover the secrets to promoting a long life and potentially eradicating ailments altogether!

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And There Is Even More...

Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease comes with peace of mind as it has been written by an experienced published chinchilla author, that has acquired many years of chinchilla knowledge and now wants to share that information with you personally!

Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease has been specifically written in a 'jargon-free' manner and minerals have been listed in alphabetical order for a 'quick-to-find' reference guide.

This unique 'chinchilla mineral guide' is a 'must-have' for all chinchilla owners that want to ensure they are receiving the truth about what a chinchilla needs on a daily basis and the sources available that are commonly hard to find.

And If That's Not Enough...

To make things really easy for you, each mineral comes with specific information on the following subjects:

  1. The Fact
  2. Benefits
  3. Source
  4. Deficiency Disease
  5. Toxicity
  6. Further Advice

Why Is It So Cheap Considering All The Information It Contains?

Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease is amazingly cheap (£2.75) considering it covers so much information on minerals with the chinchilla constantly kept in mind. This massive saving has been bought to you by self-publishing thus saving literally thousands of £££'s on publisher's printing and storage costs. This booklet should cost you much more but the price has been kept low just for you!

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Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease contains all the essential facts you will ever need to know about minerals and their relation to chinchilla life.

Don't Miss Out...

Many owners already know how vital minerals are to a chinchilla and are ensuring their chinchillas are receiving optimum care on a daily basis by reading this vital information...

Do yourself and your chinchilla a major favor today and read Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease and learn what your chinchilla needs from you on a daily basis.

Yes That's Right...

At this present moment you are missing out on vital information that your chinchilla needs you to know about! All that information is contained within Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease and the sooner you are sat with the pages open, the healthier and safer your chinchilla will be!

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Remember - There is no other chinchilla book out there that contains the key information on all these minerals without digressing away from the topic!

If you wanted to know about minerals and chinchillas then you have definitely come to the right page and if you found this page by accident, then thank goodness!...You have just found one of the most important pages on the internet regarding your chinchilla's life and well-being!

Now You Know All This...Dont Let Your Chinchilla Down & Arm Yourself With This Amazing Information Not Available Anywhere Else!

Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
Chinchilla Facts ...

Minerals, like vitamins help
a chinchilla's body to grow,
develop and stay healthy.
There are two kinds of
minerals– Macro & Trace.

‘Macro’ means ‘large’ and
includes calcium, sodium,
phosphorus, magnesium,
sulfur, potassium & chloride.

‘Trace’ means a ‘small/tiny
amount’ and includes iron,
manganese, copper, iodine,
zinc, cobalt and fluoride.

Chinchillas need specific
minerals to sustain life.

Book Reviews ...

Minerals & The Relation To
Chinchilla Disease

“A great companion to the
Vitamin book and lists all
the minerals every owner
should know about.”

“I found the deficiencies
quite interesting. ”

“I am a chin breeder and
found the information in
this booklet helpful.”

“Using this booklet as a
reference I can make
sure I am providing the
correct nutrition to my
breeding chins. ”

“Very useful.”

“Much more information
than I have found before."

“Easy to read and

* * * * * * *

Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible:

“I have a few chinchilla
books and none of them go
into as much detail as this
one with regards to
illnesses, cures and

“Brilliant! There is no
other chinchilla book out
there like it!”

“This is definitely a
'one-off' book and not like
any other out there!”

“Excellent value for money.”

“This is the most
informative book on
chinchilla health in the

“This book is a
"must have" for every-
one who is involved
with these animals!
Pet owners, breeders,
vets, ranchers. I've
never seen such a
detailed book on
chinchilla illnesses!
And it is written in
simple language so
everyone can read it,
not only veterinarians
or students. It is just

“Every chinchilla owner
needs this book.”

“This is a superb reference
book. It is full of
information that other
books lack.”

“10 out of 10. ”

“There are no other books
like this on the market.”

“Interesting, useful ,
succinct and valuable.”
“The most informative I
have seen.”

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