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Chinchilla books written by published chinchilla author - Mirella Poli


Should you have any questions regarding any of the books we sell, we have listed below some popular questions and reference to these should be referred to first before contacting us.


General Book Questions


1) What is copyright protection?
Work that is copyright protected is marked with a symbol ©. This type of work is a legal concept, enacted by governments, which gives the creator of the work exclusive rights to control the distribution and reproduction amongst other things. Any work that is copyright means that you must not reproduce the work in another format without prior permission from the creator (copyright owner). Copyright in a literary work lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years and breach of this protection can result in legal action.

2) What happens after I have paid for books?
Once payment has been received, you will be sent an acknowledgement email from Chinchilla Chronicles informing you we have received your order. The Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible will need email action before the eBook can be sent to you, therefore you must check your emails regularly so we can complete your order. All other books are dispatched within 2 working days of cleared payment and will be dispatched to the destination as indicated on your payment account (unless indicated otherwise). Once your books have been posted, we shall email you informing you the items have been sent.

3) What is the return policy on each book?
An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla and Mini Book Series will only be accepted for a full refund (less postage) if the original packaging is unopened, the book is unsigned and returned within 7 days of receipt. All books are checked for quality before dispatch and any damaged items should be notified to the webmaster as soon as the item arrives. Any damaged books will be exchanged once the webmaster has the original unopened packaging returned within 7 days of receipt. No book that has been personally signed can be refunded unless damage occurs during transportation. If this is the case, the book and original packaging will need to be unopened and returned within 7 days of receipt and an exchange will be given. The buyer pays for postage costs. The Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible is non-refundable once sent. The only time a refund will be given for the Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible is before Chinchilla Chronicles sends you the second email containing the eBook attachment.


An Essential Guide To Owning A Chinchilla


1) Can I purchase the Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla anywhere else?
Yes, the Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla is sold on various websites including most Amazon websites.

2) The Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla seems expensive to post abroad?
The reason the postage costs more to post abroad is due to the weight and size of the Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla. Unfortunately these are the cheapest postal rates we can find. Alternatively this book can be purchased via the internet site Amazon within your own country and postal rates should be cheaper. An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla can be found on the following Amazon links:

3) Can my copy of An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla be personally signed?
Yes, any book you purchase from this website can be personally signed by the author. Should you wish for your book to be personally signed you will need to notify us within your payment instruction and what message you would like included.


Mini Book Series


1) Can I purchase any of the Mini Book Series anywhere else?
Currently the individual books listed in the mini book series are exclusive to this website only. If any other website advertises copies of these book titles they are illegal copies and you should notify us with the exact URL of the website advertising the books so we can contact them.

2) What is the definition of a mini book?
These book are A5 in size and classed as paperback rather than hardback. The individual books offer a basic overview into the specific subject headers and have been self printed.

3) What is the difference with a self published book?
All the content within the book is exactly the same and a considerably amount cheaper to buy than if the book was actually published. Self printed books have the freedom of no limitation to what countries they are available in (with the aid of the internet) and are much easier to keep up-to-date with new ground breaking information. The only small difference is to the book cover where you may see slight printing defects as you would expect to see with any self-printing.

4) Can my mini books be personally signed?
Yes, any of the mini book series can be personally signed by the author. Should you wish for your book to be personally signed you will need to notify us within your payment instruction and what message you would like included.

5) Are any of the free special offers refundable?
Any mini book that is included as part of a free special offer is non refundable as the item has be offered to you free-of-charge.

6) Is there a postal discount if i purchase more than one book from the mini series?
Yes, a postal discount is available when purchasing more than one mini booklet. Unfortunately paypal does not have the facility to activate discounts but once the items have been posted a refund of the difference (less packaging) will be refunded into your Paypal account.


The Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible... Please Click Here


Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
Chinchilla Facts ...

Chinchillas are also known
as crepuscular mammals.

This term is given to
mammals that are active
during twilight mainly
during dusk and dawn.

This pattern of activity is
thought to be ‘anti-predator’
and a way of avoiding
‘thermal stress’ during hot
daylight hours.

It is suggested that
crepuscular mammals are
also affected by the full

Book Reviews ...

An Essential Guide to Owning a Chinchilla:

“If you are thinking of
getting a chinchilla I
highly recommend this
book very helpful and
tells you everything
from their origin to

"It is very comprehensive
and written in an easy,
jargon free style."

“I would highly recommend
this book to others."

“Extremely good value
for money.”

Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible:

“I personally think and
feel, it's a great book to
own, given that it is not
to replace vet care or
guidance. It's going to
be a great reference

“The information in the
book is detailed, concise
and informative.”


“Most up-to-date with
best information.”

“Brilliant! There's no
other chin book out there
like it!”

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