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Jo Ann McCraw (formerly Jo Ann Bernstein)


Chinchilla Chronicles has received kind permission from Jo Ann McCraw to use her photographs below. These photos are the copyright ownership of Jo Ann McCraw and we are grateful for their inclusion.

Breeding Chinchillas Link



Link: Breeding Chinchillas





Chinchilla Baby waiting to go through the check out.





Link: Buying A Chinchilla






Standard TOV (Black Velvet) escaping from her cage.




Link: Catching A Chinchilla






Dark Tan male chinchilla



Link: Chinchilla Care





Pink White


Link: Chinchilla Colour Mutation & Link: Genetics - Punnet Squares



Homozygous Beige


Link: Chinchilla Colour Mutation




Homozygous Ebony


Link: Chinchilla Colour Mutation




TOV Beige (also known as Brown Velvet) Violet Carrier female chinchillas.


Link: Genetics - Punnet Squares




A Standard Grey chinchilla kit.



Link: Chinchilla Babies (Kits)






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Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
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Chinchilla Group - Heterozygous Beige, Dark Tan, Violet and Beige/Violet. (Chinchilla Baby/Kit) © Jo Ann McGraw.
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