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TOV Black Velvet Female Chinchilla and Heterozygous Beige Male Chinchilla

Welcome To Chinchilla Chronicles... A Website Dedicated Solely To Chinchilla Care And Education.

Get ALL the information you will ever need regarding chinchillas!

Don't spend hours trawling through books and other websites, when all the information you are looking for is right within these pages!

Check out the AMAZING Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible, listing over 150+ illnesses to look out! This 'must-have' ebook has saved hundreds of chinchilla's lives!!!

It doesn't matter if you are thinking of buying a chinchilla, already own a chinchilla, breed chinchillas or are just curious about these cute bundles of fluff - You will find pages and pages of key information on various topics that will help guide you to owning healthy and happy chinchillas.

Chinchilla Chronicles has been running since 2008 offering VALUEABLE INFORMATION on chinchilla care to thousands of chinchilla owners!

Thousands of visitors have found the information contained within this website priceless in offering optimum care to a chinchilla. Many owners have discovered the secrets to owning healthy and happy chinchillas and regularly return to read our Tip Of The Month and Purchase our Products.


Chinchilla Group - Silver female, White Mosaic female, Sapphire & White Mosaic female, Tan female, TOV White female. ©


Here's Just Some Of The Things You Will Discover On Chinchilla Chronicles...

  • Discover facts about the chinchilla not usually discussed on other websites …

  • Truth about what you should be feeding a chinchilla and the foods you MUST AVOID

  • Secrets Of Supplementation and how they can help your chinchilla live longer …

  • Listen to 'live' vocal sounds and interpret their meaning ...

  • Understand the complex subject of genetics and why breeders use Punnet Squares ...

  • Educate yourself on all the areas of pregnancy from conception to birth and when it's best to wean ...
  • Recognize the symptoms of illness sooner and help save your chinchilla's life! ...

  • much much more !

Yes, that's right! This website holds so much information it has been designed with links to various topics, which contain vital information you really must read about!


Chinchilla Group - Heterozygous Beige male, Dark Tan female, Violet female & Beige/Violet female. ©


And That's Not It...

Become A Chinchilla Expert And Discover Even More Information That You Never Knew About!


Chinchilla Chronicles comes with the backing of published chinchilla author Mirella Poli, whose first book An Essential Guide To Owning A Chinchilla has already made many thousands of owners happy and is now on its second print run!

This reputable and recognised chinchilla author has recently updated her most sought-after eBook entitled Chinchilla A-Z Health & Sickness Bible. There is NO OTHER CHINCHILLA BOOK on the market that covers over 150 different illnesses a chinchilla CAN acquire and how to 'prevent' and potentially 'cure' them...




And if that's not enough, Mirella Poli has also compiled a Mini Booklet Series covering more specific subjects such as:

Home Remedies & Safe Medications For Chinchillas

Chinchilla Anatomy

Minerals And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease

Vitamins And The Relation To Chinchilla Disease


Mini Booklet Series.

All our books come with the security of feedback and if that isn't amazing enough we also sell on ebay so you can checkout our there too!

Finally ...

We not only provide pages of jam-packed information on chinchilla care and well-being we go that one step further and also donate to chinchilla rescue centres around the world! Yes that's right, some of the proceeds from our Shop sales are donated to desperately needing chinchillas every Christmas-Time in the form of essential products (see Donations List). Help save a chinchilla today and browse through our shop containing the most amazing chinchilla books currently available on the market.




Chinchilla Chronicles does not take any responsibility for adverse reactions on a chinchilla either in their health or well-being. The information contained within this website is for a basic guideline and no information contained within should be replaced for expert exotic veterinary advice. By using this website, any external links and/or information contained within, you confirm that you have read und understood our Terms and Conditions.

Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
Chinchilla Facts ...

Chinchilla Chronicles has
been running since 2008
and is the official website
of published chinchilla
author Mirella Poli.

The website is run on
the authors behalf and
offers 'New Release
Chinchilla Books'
written by Mirella herself.

These books are in the
early stages of
publication and are
currently EXCLUSIVE only
to visitors of this website.

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