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Chinchilla You Tube Clips


You Tube.

We have listed below some links to various chinchilla video clips courtesy of .

Although Chinchilla Chronicles regularly checks the list below to prevent any broken links appearing, you may occasionally find the 'odd one' that doesn't work and we would like to apologise for this. Any broken links that are found will be deleted on our next 'External Link Check' and replaced with a new chinchilla video that works.

Chinchilla Chronicles would like to thank you for taking the time to look through our website and we hope you enjoy the clips we have chosen below. Click on a picture to watch the video...

Sincere gratitude goes to the video owners of the clips below for their permission of use.


Chinchilla Commercial
"A great video with chinchillas in the advert - look out for the chins on a fan and record player turn-table."
© courtesy of:




Chinchilla Massage
"This chinchilla obviously has a great bond of trust with its owner and loves a chin rub. Not all chinchillas will react this calmly or like to be handled but with the correct care and training your chinchilla may become this tame."
© courtesy of:



Chinchilla Kits & Dog
"A great video with a very relaxed dog! Not all dogs will behave like this around chinchillas so it is not recommended you try this unless you know your dog will definitely NOT attack."
© courtesy of:




Baby Chinchilla Escaping from Cage
"A lucky owner that has spotted a baby chinchilla escaping from its mother's cage. A chinchilla cage for a kit will need to have mesh holes no larger than ¼ " x ¼" to prevent chinchilla kits from escaping."
© courtesy of:




Speedy Chinchilla Shoots Up The Stairs
"Shows how fast a chinchilla can you think you can catch one?"
© courtesy of:




Bath Time Battle
"A fun video showing two chinchillas using a dust bath house."
© courtesy of:




Chinchilla Opening A Jar
"A very clever chinchilla has worked out how to open a jar. We think he deserves the reward after managing to do that!"
© courtesy of:




Chinchilla Playing A Game Of Peek-A-Boo
"As this video shows, chinchilla's love toys and something as inexpensive as a cardboard box can provide hours of entertainment."
© courtesy of:




Two Chinchillas Mating (includes after intercourse 'Hiccups')
"Great video showing the mating process of two chinchillas and includes the hiccup sound a male makes after intercourse has finished."
© courtesy of:



Other Funny Animal Clips We Thought You Would Like To See...

Hamster On Wheel
"A fun video showing how fast a hamster can run on its wheel."
© courtesy of:



Hokey & Pokey ...

"This clip was sent in by one of our visitors showing her chinchillas having a 'naughty' treat."
© courtesy of:

Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
Chinchilla Facts ...

Chinchillas are part of
the Chinchillidae family
and together with their
relatives - viscachs, live
in the Andes mountain
range in South America.

Chinchillas were named
after the native tribe of
the Andes, the Chincha

Chinchillas can live up
to 20 years and have
teeth that continually

Chinchilla Group - Heterozygous Beige, Dark Tan, Violet and Beige/Violet. (Chinchilla Baby/Kit) © Jo Ann McGraw.
© 2008-2024 Copyright Mirella Poli. All rights reserved. Photo Copyright: Jo Ann McCraw, Chinchilla Chronicles.