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Chinchillas For Sale


Chinchilla Group - Heterozygous Beige male, Dark Tan female, Violet female & Beige/Violet female.

This website does not have chinchillas for sale and we do not offer any external links to websites that offer chinchillas for sale. Chinchilla Chronicles made an informed choice not to advertise chinchillas for sale on this website as we cannot reassure you to the sellers set up or their breeding experience - it also helps eliminates the chances of having broken links to adverts (due to the high turnover where the chinchillas have been sold) and causing frustration to visitors.

This segment on chinchillas for sale has been included to highlight the things you should know about this subject and some suggested reading to help you make an informed choice whether you want to offer chinchillas for sale or are considering buying a chinchilla as a pet. The only external links included are shown at the bottom for Chinchilla Rescue Centres, which if you are considering buying a Chinchilla For Sale you should also consider adopting a Chinchilla In Need.

If You Are Considering Offering Chinchillas For Sale...

Breeding chinchillas for the purpose of selling involves a lot more responsibility and this should be considered before jumping into the 'already over-crowded' business of chinchillas for sale. Please act responsibly and not create an 'even worse' epidemic of chinchillas ending up in rescue homes!

What is your purpose for breeding?

If it's for a 'Get-Rich-Quick' option then think again and read on. Chinchillas can be expensive to maintain and no chinchilla breeder will tell you there's money to be made out of chinchillas for sale!

Potential breeders forget about the vet bills, equipment and time needed in cleaning out cages, exercising chinchillas individually and the inconvenience/room needed in looking after the chinchillas for sale until they are sold.

It is the chinchilla seller's responsibility to ensure the chinchilla for sale is going to an appropriate home and money should not be the first interest, which sadly it often is!

Never sell a chinchilla under 12 weeks old and ask a potential chinchilla owner:

  • What their reasons are for buying the chinchilla for sale...
  • Who the chinchilla for sale is for...
  • What their knowledge of chinchillas is...
  • Where are they going to house the chinchilla for sale...
  • Whether the chinchilla for sale will be kept as a pet or for breeding purposes...
  • What their intentions are considering the potential 10+ year lifespan...

You should remind potential owners of how many chinchillas become unwanted and end up in rescue homes and to advise the potential owner not to go ahead with buying the chinchilla for sale if they cannot dedicate the next 10+ years of their life to these sensitive animals.

Never sell a chinchilla to a young child or to someone who is not prepared to give potentially 10+ years of their lifetime to the chinchilla's well-being.

If a customer is looking to breed one of your chinchillas for sale then it is paramount you find out about their experience. Only sell a chinchilla for breeding purposes to someone that is experienced in that field.

Chinchilla Group - Sapphire male, White Mosaic female, Ebony female.  chinchillas.comIf You Decide To Breed Chinchillas For Sale...

Make sure you provide an 'Essential's Pack' and include the following items:

  • Brand name of chinchilla pellets and hay the chinchilla is accustomed to and a small 'sample' currently being offered. This enables the owner to make a smooth and gradual transition to a new pellet/hay brand if they so wish. Remember - Chinchillas have a sensitive digestive tract and the sudden introduction to new branded food can cause digestive disorders. A new owner does not need this initial worry and a chinchilla will not bode well to the stress during food change-over.
  • Name and telephone number of your current veterinary surgeon who specialises in exotic pets (especially in chinchillas).
  • Information about the chinchilla for sale - the exact colour mutation, the sex, date of birth, what health problems may be exposing themselves, temperament and any noticeable preferences/habits or needs the chinchilla has.
  • Offer a basic care sheet including an overview of chinchilla care, nutrition, handling, cleaning, exercise, dental health and include your contact information at the bottom incase further advise is needed.
  • Provide a traveling box with plenty of ventilation. Adding an item with a familiar smell inside will help keep the chinchilla calm and alleviate the stress of the journey. An added hay cube can also help cause a distraction and something to gnaw on during a journey.

A good chinchilla breeder will offer to deliver the chinchilla for sale to the prospective owner's home. The main reason for this is the breeder can check that the living quarters will be suitable for a sensitive chinchilla, the environment is clean and there is a proper set-up waiting for the chinchilla's arrival.

If you are still interested in offering chinchillas for sale, it is suggested you look into this subject further, alternatively, if you do not want the responsibility of having unwanted chinchillas on your hands, then you should consider getting the male castrated/neutered.

If You Are Considering Buying A Chinchilla For Sale ...

Much consideration should be made when buying a chinchilla for sale. They have a potential 10+ year life span and are extremely sensitive animals that need lots of interaction and attention.

Chinchillas come in many different colours and the purchase price varies according to colour mutation and fur quality.

If after reading all the material within this website, you still wish to buy a chinchilla for sale because you know you will make a great chinchilla owner, then one consideration you should take into account is whether you actually want to 'buy a chinchilla for sale' or 'rescue one' that needs an urgent caring home!

Considering Chinchilla Adoption?

Chinchillas For Sale - Have you considered adopting a chinchilla?There are many unwanted chinchillas in the world today. They have become popular as pets and now equally popular in the animal rescue centres! Some chinchilla owners did not do their homework properly and after time came to realise the attention and time these sensitive animals need. These unresponsible chinchilla owners then dumped unwanted chinchillas into many rescue homes, which have now become inundated and are struggling to cope!

As sad as this already is, the horrific truth is many chinchillas are 'put-to-sleep' because of overcrowding from the amount needing new homes, which are not forthcoming. As a new potential owner, you can relieve some of this pressure and Chinchillas For Sale - Homozygous Ebony male.  chinchillas.comhelp an unwanted chinchilla to find that new home.

The link below takes you to a small list of chinchilla rescue centres we found on the internet within the UK, America, Canada and New Zealand but we suggest you fully research all the chinchilla rescue centres in your area and consider getting your chinchilla from one that needs your help.

Chinchilla Rescue Centre List


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Chinchilla Chronicles - Home to Chinchilla Care and Education.
Chinchilla Facts ...

A hair from a Standard
Grey chinchilla has three

The base colour near the
body is blue-grey, the
middle section is a white
line resembling a bar
and the tip is black.

A hair from a white
chinchilla is not actually
white as the gene
responsible stops
pigmentation from being
absorbed hence the hair
looking white.

Chinchilla Group - Heterozygous Beige, Dark Tan, Violet and Beige/Violet. (Chinchilla Baby/Kit) © Jo Ann McGraw.
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