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Chinchilla Anatomy


Ever Wanted To Know All About A Chinchilla's Anatomy?... Now You Can! Discover Unknown Facts About The Chinchilla's Bodily Functions And The Common Ailments & Disease Associated With Them...

You can now learn all about the chinchilla's anatomy in this great booklet written for the inquisitive chinchilla owner that wants to learn more about these 'cute bundles of fluff' and their unique features.

Mirella Poli (author of An Essential Guide To Owning A Chinchilla) has compiled a factual booklet called Chinchilla Anatomy that is solely dedicated to the following topics:

Musculoskeletal System
Urinary System
Respiratory System
Cardiovascular System
Digestive System
Reproductive System
Central Nervous System

This great booklet unlocks 'unknown facts' about the chinchilla that most owners don't know about and includes the common ailments of each anatomic system that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet!

Chinchilla Anatomy by Mirella Poli

Plus You Will...

Discover Things You Never Knew About Chinchillas & Become More Knowledgeable Overnight !

Every page of this great booklet is packed full with informative facts about the chinchilla's anatomy and has been cross-referenced with some of the top veterinary manuals there are on the current market. It has taken the author hundreds of hours to compile such informative advice that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet!*

Here's What Else You Will Also Discover...

  • Learn about the bones of the musculoskeletal system and uncover the truth about 'floating ribs'...

  • Discover chinchillas have a unique 'palatral ridge' that is distinctive to each individual chinchilla...

  • Understand why the male chinchilla's reproductive system differs to that of other animal species...

  • Identify the various weights and sizes of different bodily organs...

  • Locate body organs and their exact positioning inside the body...

  • Reveal why the 'retina' also plays an important role in the chinchilla's 'central nervous system'...

  • Recognize what diseases and ailments are associated with each bodily function...

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There's More...

Chinchilla Anatomy comes with the reputation of being written by a published chinchilla author and covers 'essential information' on the chinchilla's bodily functions you cannot find anywhere else on the Internet! You will save yourself many hours of frustration looking for information on the Anatomy of a Chinchilla... as the information you are looking for is RIGHT HERE!

And That's Not It...

Unlike many 'high-level' veterinary manuals, Chinchilla Anatomy has been written in plain 'easy-to-read' English by a reputable chinchilla author who has not over complicated the book with technical jargon leading the reader to confusion!


Chinchilla Anatomy is amazingly cheap (£2.75) considering all the revealing hard-to-find information it contains. Such information usually comes at a pricely cost via expensive veterinary manuals but Chinchilla Anatomy has been compiled to contain all the essential facts the author discovered at a fraction of the price and written just for you!

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Chinchilla Anatomy is a self-published booklet. The cost has been kept amazingly cheap due to avoiding large 'publishing company' printing costs therefore passing the saving on to you...

It's So Cheap Compared To What The Book Is Really Worth!...

It's true! All the savings have been passed on to you even though Chinchilla Anatomy contains revealing information that is hard-to-find and relatively unknown! Hundreds of hours have literally been spent searching for 'ground-breaking' information, which has been revealed in this booklet, cross-referencing information with the latest medical manuals ('in and out' of print), obtaining images to accompany the text and compiling all the 'key' information into this great factual booklet.

Don't Miss Out On This Great Offer And SAVE £££'s ! ...

Chinchilla Anatomy contains essential information regarding the chinchilla's bodily functions, which is rarely read or seen.

You will not find all this information on another website!

Chinchilla Anatomy is a great factual booklet containing all the information you will need regarding the anatomy of a chinchilla saving you £££'s on expensive veterinary and medical manuals.

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* At time of website publication (Feb. 2010)

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Chinchilla Group - Heterozygous Beige, Dark Tan, Violet and Beige/Violet. (Chinchilla Baby/Kit) © Jo Ann McGraw.
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